Kaavo Meat aims to revolutionize the local meat industry by putting in place controls at every stage of the supply chain. This strategic placement will enable us to provide you with the finest products which have been handled with utmost care from farm to table.

Once the meat arrives at our facility the meat is thoroughly checked before being broken down into different cuts as per the customers requirements. Each product is made from different specific cuts of meat which enhances the taste of the product and allows it to achieve its full potential. For your knowledge and benefit. We only use meat and ‘no filler’ in our products. We regulate ‘fat content’ as per product to achieve optimum flavor.

All our sausages are ‘hand-made’ with ‘natural casings’ making them truly artisanal.

We smoke our meats in our ‘brick smokehouse’ using fruitwood logs for a 100% fruit wood smoke.
Finally our products are hygienically vacuum packed to retain freshness.

We produce both ‘fresh’ and ‘frozen’ products for your convenience.


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