I have had enough of these vegan/vegetarian pseudo activists claim moral high ground while sitting in their ivory towers unaware of the actual ground reality and the larger issues that we face today. Yesterday I visited a national award winning pig farm on the outskirts of Hyderabad in Telangana nestled in a small town with […]

With Shravan finally over Damian gets Kaviraj Thadani of Kaavo Meat to rustle up some pork chops. Shravan toh sirf bahana hai, mote ko pork jo khaana hai. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE – arregrub #ArreGrub : #Watch on | It’s the perfect day for some Post #Shravan #PorkChops with @bigdaadhiand Kaviraj Thadani. Pig out! #Grub #Food #FoodRecipe #IndianRecipes#TastyFood #PorkChops #Pork #TastyFood#Delicious #India #IndianRecipes

READ FULL ARTICLE ON HOMEGROWN – Meat treats are the new sweet treats, and there’s a little Worli haunt that’s backing the trend whole-heartedly.  The World Health Org. recently ran a study on the ill-effects of processed meat, and has now placed it in the same category as plutonium, asbestos and tobacco in the cancer-causing […]

READ ARTICLE ON BROWN PAPER BAG – 06.04.2016 The Beast is resting when we visit Kaviraj Thadani in his workshop, located at the start of the Worli fishing village. But soon he will rise, bellowing, smoke billowing, devouring its next meal. “Which should be about now,” says Kaviraj, grabbing an eight kilo pork belly and […]